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About The Faculty
About the Faculty of Medicine


Vision of Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine


 Taking the Faculty to be the forefront both nationally and regionally through achieving distinction in medical education, scientific research, and community service, within a moderate Islamic culture.



Mission of Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine


The faculty offers the graduates the best opportunity for medical education and gaining knowledge, skills, and attitudes that in accordance with our vision to fulfill the needs of the labor market. The Faculty of Medicine is committed to the following:

1- Distinction in education, medical research, and training for students before and after graduation, to enhance their competitive skills, and ability to learn and educate, nationally and regionally all the times, with continuous improvement of syllabuses, curriculums, and medical programs especially that relate to the existing health problems nationally and regionally.

2- Distinction in different fields of medical researches especially that relate to the existing health problems nationally and regionally.

3- Applying the  healthcare programs to fulfill the community needs and improve the environment.

4- Commitment to the standards of health services, and work ethics through moderate Islamic culture.





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Al-Azhar university,1 ElMokhayam El Daem St., Nasr City Cairo 11884 Egypt.








For inquries about faculty graduates and confirmation of their graduation status please direct your questions to med.b.dean@azhar.edu.eg


for complains :  complain@medicineazhar.edu.eg




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